Jetway H04-C68B Hydro Massage Whirlpool Nozzle Bathtub System Hottub Spa Jet Hot Tub Accessories

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H04-C68B spa bathtub jets is a classic  massage bath series nozzle hot tub accessories


  • Brand Name: OEM & ODM
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Carton
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Main Market: EU,US, India, Russia etc
  • Size: 68mm Face
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    ● Product Name: Jetway Bathtub Jet
    ● Model Number: H04-C68B
    ● Surface Material: PVC Body+PVC cover
    ● Massage Type: Whirlpool massge jet,Combo Massage
    ● Face: Chrome ABS
    ● Function: Massage Spa for Live
    ● Usage: Bathroom,Washroom

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    A:We are a factory outlets.

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    A:Yes,trial order is welcome!

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    A:Yes, generally, free sample for 1~2pcs, and the freigt you need to bear.

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    A:Generally, if samples, by air or by express; If bigger order by sea.

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    A:Yes, it is easy to print your logo on the packing.

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    A:In standard export cartons, but could be designed as your request.

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    Whirlpool hottub bathtub jet

    Where to use Bathtub jet ?

    The walls and bottom of the Bathtub are distributed over the nozzles, ranging from two to ten pairs. It is used in water for massage effect. Nozzles are roughly divided into two types, water spray and air jet. There are two types of water spray nozzles. One is to spray water from the nozzle through pipes and pumps; the other is Kaldewei's unique turbo nozzle, the first brand of Jacuzzi in Europe. Each nozzle has an independent motor, and water is drawn in around the nozzle and sprayed out the middle. The jets massage through the water. The nozzle itself does not produce water. It sprays airflow through the air pump and pipes, forming air bubbles in the water for massage. The nozzle has a strong massaging force compared to the nozzle. To increase the intensity and intensity of the massage, it is now common practice to install airflow in the nozzle. Generally speaking, simple nozzles are mounted on the cylinder wall and the nozzles are mounted on the bottom of the cylinder. The nozzles at the bottom of the cylinder are mainly used to massage the back. The nozzles on the cylinder wall are mainly used to massage the soles of the feet and the shoulders on both sides of the body. Bathtub are generally not standard. In combination with the Card Jacuzzi, there are at least 4 jets.



    Understanding Your Choice Of bathtub jet

    1. What is the function of bathtub jet?

    The jets at the bottom of the bathtub do a great job

    High Water Volume Quiet Adjustable Nozzle, 3/8" nozzle, 14gpm (gallons per minute) water output at 18psi (Pascals) with air switch fully open. This nozzle can produce approximately 10,000 small Air bubbles, small air bubbles are not easy to quickly float to the water surface and burst, so the water flow from the nozzle is strong but very soft. The nozzle massages the size of the water output, and the nozzle can be opened from the front to clean the inside of the nozzle. Double helix According to the nozzle, the unique swirling air bubbles and continuous vortex action create air and water flow in the same direction of rotation. Send a deep massage force, effectively relax the tense muscles and relieve pressure. The bubble massage system is passed through the bathtub by a bubble pump The air bubble nozzle at the bottom generates a large amount of air bubbles to wrap the whole body. Gently stroking the body can make the spine and neck feel comfortable, so that the muscles and body and mind can relax.