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The kinds of whirlpool nozzle

  1. Super whirlpool nozzle
  2. Midi whirlpool nozzle
  3. Mini whirlpool nozzle
  4. Multi air whirlpool nozzle

There are five kinds of whirlpool nozzle. Whirlpool jet quantity or size does not equal good hydro massage experience, just like two turkeys don’t make an eagle.

Protruding,ugly,non-adjustable whirlpool nozzle attached to weak,under performing pumps will likely result in inadequate massage experience (we refer to them as water splashing devices), user discomfort, and visually unattractive whirlpool or spa.

Consider the whirlpool nozzle type, construction, visual appearance, location, and layout instead, instead of counting the whirlpool nozzle. This, and how skillfully the tub is plumbed along with the pump flow rates and a number of whirlpool nozzle per pump, are all far more critical factors.

To deliver optimal hydro massage experience, a whirlpool must have a combination of nozzle types installed in strategically placed clusters that match bathers’ body contours and mimic the various massage types intended to deliver invigorating hydrotherapy treatment for each body part.

We recommend looking for whirlpool that can run the nozzles while maintaining adequate pressure to ensure that all bathers can enjoy a great massage.

Adjustable whirlpool nozzles are another critical aspect as they will allow you to reposition and fine-tune the pressure and intensity of the massage experience.

Also, look for whirlpool nozzles with just one or no moving parts as those will serve much longer without any failures. Our personal favorite is a bolt type multi whirlpool nozzle turbojet with both blower and pump connections to deliver the most invigorating massage experience.

Luohe Global’s modern, sleek looking, and low-profile whirlpool nozzle are flush with the bath walls.The body materials are PVC, the cover materials are chrome ,copper and plastics. These minimalistic whirlpool nozzle are smooth to the touch and aesthetically pleasing. The whirlpool nozzle front plates are exclusively made from chrome-plated or solid brass with perfect surface finishing, ensuring durability and long life.For different kinds of whirlpool nozzle, we can offer different series whirlpool nozzle to customers. Also for the same kind whirlpool nozzles,we can offer different series. The diversification of products can let the customers more choices.

Regarding our whirlpool nozzle bodies, they can be connected inch size and metric size of flex pvc hose. Also the whirlpool nozzle bodies have V-shape and straight shape. It can be ensured the customers can install the whirlpool nozzles in any whirlpool. Besides we have led light whirlpool nozzles, the led light can be installed on the bottom of whirlpool nozzles.The led light nozzles can be changed seven colors,if they installed into the whirlpool, it can be made the whirlpool present a better visual effect. Except chrome and white color,also our whirlpool nozzles can be made different colors as the customers’ request. Like golden color, matte black color, rose golden color and so on.Different colors whirlpool nozzles which are installed on the whirlpool can be present different visual effect.

Let us introduce five kinds of whirlpool nozzle as following:

1.Super whirlpool Nozzle

The super whirlpool nozzles are connected to both air and water lined, Super whirlpool nozzles are designed to provide for maximum air and water flow to create a powerful therapeutically beneficial massage effect along with the champagne bubble effect on the water surface.

Regarding super whirlpool nozzle,normally the cover diameter is 70-90MM.H06 series is our popular style.As we known ultra thin whirlpool nozzles are popular these years. To meet the standards of public’s aesthetic,the H06 body can be matched ultra thin nozzle cover. The metal ball of H06 series can be adjusted the water flow.Also this series has led light nozzle.The led light nozzles can be changed seven colors,if they installed into the whirlpool, it can be made the whirlpool present a better visual effect.

 2.Midi Whirlpool Nozzle

Midi whirlpool nozzles are powerful jets that can be configured in many different ways to provide for invigorating therapeutical massage effect for back, hands, hips, legs, and shoulders. Usually, midi whirlpool nozzles would have both air and water connections.

Regarding midi whirlpool nozzle,normally the cover diameter is 50-80MM.H02 series is our popular style.As we known ultra thin whirlpool nozzles are popular these years. To meet the standards of public’s aesthetic,the H02 body can be matched ultra thin nozzle cover.Also we improved the inside structure of H02 series whirlpool nozzle, it’s convenient for the customers to clean and install and it can be saved their time.

  1. Mini Whirlpool Nozzle

Mini Whirlpool nozzle have been designed specifically for back massage. The purpose of mini whirlpool nozzle is to direct the flow of air and water to alleviate muscular tension and improve blood circulation. Mini whirlpool nozzle would be normally installed to follow the contour of bathers back and shoulders.

Regarding mini whirlpool nozzle,normally the cover diameter is 28-50MM.M14-F40 is our popular style.Its body can be connected inch size or metric size flex pvc hose. It’s convenient for customers use.Compare with other mini whirlpool nozzles, its water and air flow are bigger. Its simple and elegant design is favored by customers.

  1. Multi air whirlpool nozzle

Multi air whirlpool nozzle is used to deliver relaxing air massage. Multi air whirlpool nozzle is always installed at the whirlpool bottom.Normally, the multi air whirlpool nozzle is connected to the braided hose.

Regarding multi air whirlpool nozzle, we have three different kinds of body for customers to choose. It depend on their ways of braided hose connection. A09 series is our most popular style. Its ultra thin cover. The materials of cover is copper.Its simple and elegant design is favored by customers.

Besides, our multi air whirlpool nozzle has led light nozzle.The led light nozzles can be changed seven colors,if they installed into the bathtub, it can be made the whirlpool present a better visual effect.

  • Brand Name: OEM & ODM
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Carton
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Main Market: EU,US, India, Russia etc
  • Body: PVC
  • Face: CHROME ABS
  • Size: 96MM
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    ● Product Name: Jetway Hot tub  Accessories Suctions
    ● Model Number: S20-01
    ● Surface Material: PVC Body
    ● Massage Type: Whirlpool massge jet,Combo Massage
    ● Face: CHROME ABS
    ● Function: Massage Spa for Live
    ● Usage: Bathroom,Washroom,Hot tub,Spa,Massage

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