The fittings of bath crock and function

The massage function is that the powerful water impinges on every inch of your skin, bringing you the passion of surfing. The deep massage force massages your neck, shoulder and back, and effectively relaxes your tense muscles.
Bubble bath function: billow bubbles wrap your whole body in their gentle touch to eliminate muscle soreness and fatigue.

Constant temperature heating function: constant temperature cannot be installed separately. If you need to install constant temperature function, please install surf massage and computer board function first. The constant temperature function must be started at the same time with surf massage function.

Bubble bath is in the bottom of the cylinder blowing air, in the water to produce steam bubbles rise shape massage effect.

The material of five sets: the main body of faucet switch is all copper, ceramic valve core, hand-held flower shower is engineering plastic, stainless steel high-pressure hose.

5 pieces set is: faucet hand shower cold water switch hot water switch switch oh.

Constant temperature is when the hot water is added to the bathtub, the water pump is started, and the heater is automatically heated and kept warm, so that the water temperature in the bathtub is controlled between 37-40 degrees, creating a safer and comfortable water temperature environment for the bathtub. It must be started at the same time with the surfing massage function.

Massage is divided into surfing massage and bubble massage, the other two main differences are: surfing cylinder massage strength is stronger, surfing nozzle is installed on both sides of the bathtub. The intensity of bubble massage is relatively soft, bubble nozzle is installed at the bottom of the bathtub.

Constant temperature is when the bathtub to add hot water, start the pump, the heater automatically heat insulation work, so that the bathtub water temperature control at 37-40 degrees Celsius. The thermostat has to be activated at the same time as the surf massage.

Ozone disinfection: add an ozone generator on the massage tube, and then you can flush out the sewage. The resulting disinfection function.

Post time: Jun-20-2022