Jetway L-001 Hydro Massage Whirlpool Nozzle Bathtub LED Light System Hottub Spa Jet Filter

Short Description:

L-001 spa Filter is a classic massage bath series water Filter

  • Brand Name: OEM & ODM
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Carton
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Main Market: EU,US, India, Russia etc
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    ● Product Name: Jetway SPA Water Filter

    ● Model Number: L-001

    ● Surface Material: PVC

    ● Massage Type: Whirlpool massge jet,Combo Massage

    ● Face: PVC

    ● Function: Massage Spa for Live

    ● Usage: Bathroom,Washroom,Outdoor,Hotel

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    1. Q:Are you a factory outlets or trading company?  
    A:We are a factory outlets.

    2. Q:If small order is acceptable? Yes,trial order is welcome!
    A:Yes,trial order is welcome!

    3. Q:Could you offer us samples?
    A:Yes, generally, free sample for 1~2pcs, and the freigt you need to bear.

    4. Q:What’s your shipment terms?  
    A:Generally, if samples, by air or by express; If bigger order by sea.

    5. Q:Could you put our logo on the packing?
    A:Yes, it is easy to print your logo on the packing.

    6. Q:What’s your package?
    A:In standard export cartons, but could be designed as your request.

    7. Q:What’s your main port of lading?

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    whirlpool accessories Double guardrail buoy filter

    What is a double guardrail buoy filter




    The double-cylinder filter is composed of two single-cylinder filters, a reversing valve, a bypass valve, a diffuser, etc. It is installed on the top of the fuel tank, and the filter element can be replaced without the system shutting down. It is suitable for continuous work. The hydraulic system oil return filter is used to filter out the metal powder produced by the wear of various components in the hydraulic system and the rubber impurities of the seals, so as to keep the oil flowing back to the oil tank clean, so as to facilitate the oil circulation in the system.


    Background Art of Duplex Filter

    The massage bathtub is a kind of bathroom equipment that uses the motor movement to make the nozzle on the inner wall of the bathtub spray the water flow mixed with the air, resulting in the circulation of the water flow, thus producing a massage effect on the human body. water filter.


    The existing backwater filter generally has poor filtering ability, can only filter larger solid impurities, and it is difficult to clean and kill bacteria in the water flow, making the use of the bathtub less safe, and it is easy to induce skin diseases after users use it. , bring certain harm to the health of users.


    Elements of bathtub Filter Technology Realization

    The purpose of the utility model is to provide a return water filter for a massage bathtub in order to solve the problem that the existing return water filter generally has poor filtration capacity.


    In order to achieve the above purpose, the present utility model provides the following technical solutions: a backwater filter for a massage bathtub, comprising a filter cavity, a water outlet is opened on the outside of the filter cavity, and a cover is connected to the side of the filter cavity, so The inside of the cover is provided with a through hole, the surface of the cover is provided with a card slot, the surface of the card slot is provided with an opening, the inside of the card slot is connected with a card block, and the side of the card block is fixed There is an activated carbon filter element, a fixing ring is fixed on the inner wall of the filter cavity, an ultraviolet lamp is fixed on the side of the fixing ring, a connecting pipe is fixed on the side of the cover, and a filter screen is arranged inside the connecting pipe The bottom of the connecting pipe is provided with a settling port, the bottom of the settling port is provided with a bottom cover, the surface of the bottom cover is provided with a sealing gasket, and the side of the connecting pipe is provided with a water inlet.


    Preferably, the shape and size of the through hole and the shape and size of the activated carbon filter element are matched with each other, and the through hole and the activated carbon filter element are arranged on the same horizontal plane.


    Preferably, the clamping block and the clamping slot are in a clamping connection, and the clamping block and the activated carbon filter core are integrally arranged.


    Preferably, the filter screen is set at an inclination, and the filter screen and the connecting pipe are fixedly connected.


    Preferably, the bottom cover and the settlement port are threadedly connected, and the bottom cover and the connecting pipe are arranged in parallel with each other.


    Preferably, the sealing gasket and the bottom cover are glued together, and the sealing gasket and the settlement port are closely attached.


    Preferably, the ultraviolet lamps are equiangularly installed on the surface of the fixing ring, and the ultraviolet lamps are arranged horizontally.


    Compared with the prior art, the beneficial effect of the present utility model is: the utility model is used in conjunction with a filter screen, an activated carbon filter element and an ultraviolet lamp, so that the filter can not only filter larger solid impurities, but also can filter the solid impurities in the water flow. The bacteria are cleaned and killed, which improves the safety of the bathtub, avoids the occurrence of skin diseases caused by the use of incompletely filtered water, and ensures the health of the user.

    How to install the bathtub float filter

    I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of various filter equipment with different performances, but how much do you know about their specific installation methods? Look at the specific installation methods of different filter equipment!

    1. Be sure to open the plastic packaging of the product in the clean room range before installation;

    2. Hold the outer frame of the filter with both hands during handling;

    3. At least two people are required to install larger filters;

    4. Do not hold the middle part of the filter by hand;

    5. Do not touch the material inside the filter;

    6. Do not use a knife to cut open the outer packaging of the filter;

    7. Be careful not to distort the filter when handling:

    8. Protect the gasket of the filter to avoid collision with other objects.

    Where to bathtub float filter?


    So, a lot depends on making the right choice, how do you ensure you have the right tub spray for your project? Well, it's one thing to do your due diligence when buying a product, but you know very little about the manufacture of your bathtub accessories or the raw materials of the final product.


    Suppliers typically make these decisions. That's why, in order to provide your own bathtub with higher quality, more comfort and beauty, with years of experience in the bathroom accessories industry, Luohe Global has the expertise to produce high-quality products with extremely cheap bathroom shower heads. Not only does this guarantee that your project is done to the highest safety standards, but the hot tub accessories you purchase will save you a lot of money. The result: a high-quality, low-cost, beautiful bathroom project! Contact us and you can become our bathroom accessories distributor. We will provide you with a price list!


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